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♦Session Fee (Including tax)
Category Session No. VIP (above "Manager") Session Fee
Keynote/Special Keynote/Special Session JOI-K, CBW-SK FREE

If you have already received your VIP invitation, please follow the instruction on it to apply.
If you have not, please first register yourself as VIP from the URL below and receive your invitation.
FTJ-K, FTJ-S, Film-K, PLA-K,
JPY 25000/ticket
Category Session No. VIP (above "Manager") Session Fee
Technical Conference FTJ-1 - FTJ-10
FOE-1, 5, 7, 9, 10
JPY 25000/ticket
Laser-2, 3, 4, 6 JPY 15000/ticket
JOI-5 JPY 5000/ticket
VIP (above Manager) have privileges of free entrance of Keynote/Special Sessions
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♦FINETECH JAPAN      ♦Material Week      ♦Photonix      ♦FOE      ♦Communications & Broadcasting Week

* Deadline for online registration: April 4th (Tue), 2017 13:00 (JST)
* Ticket will be sold on site, unless all the seats are fully booked.
* After your application is completed, we will send you a "Confirmation & Exchange Form for Tickets" by e-mail.
Please bring it to the venue with several business cards with you.
You can receive your tickets in exchange for payment at the TICKET EXCHANGE COUNTER.
Please pay by cash* or credit card on site. (*Only Japanese yen is acceptable.)
E-ticket for JOINING JAPAN Keynote Session (JOI-K) and Communications & Broadcasting Week Special Keynote Session (CBW-SK) will be sent to you after you complete the application. Please make sure you print it out and bring it to the conference venue.
* Cancellation or change of sessions will not be accepted after your application. If the applicant will not be able to attend, please have another personnel attend instead.
* Please note that recording and photography are strictly prohibited. Textbooks of some presentations might not be available. Speakers' information and programs are subject to change.

Note: All registrants will be put on our mailing list to receive information on exhibitions and conferences organised or co-organised by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

* Session Application
FINETECH JAPAN   * All Sessions are BILINGUAL - English & Japanese except FTJ-K
FTJ-K: FINETECH JAPAN Keynote Session   *English/Korean/Chinese/Japanese ticket(s)
FTJ-S: FINETECH JAPAN Special Session ticket(s)
FTJ-1 ticket(s) FTJ-5 ticket(s) FTJ-8 ticket(s)
FTJ-2 ticket(s) FTJ-6 ticket(s) FTJ-9 ticket(s)
FTJ-3 ticket(s) FTJ-7 ticket(s) FTJ-10 ticket(s)
FTJ-4 ticket(s)        

Highly-functional Material Week  * All Sessions are BILINGUAL - English & Japanese
Film-K: FilmTech JAPAN Keynote Session ticket(s)
PLA-K: PLASTIC JAPAN Keynote Session ticket(s)
METAL-K: METAL JAPAN Keynote Session ticket(s)
CERA-K: CERAMICS JAPAN Keynote Session ticket(s)
JOI-5 ticket(s)

FIBER OPTICS EXPO  * All Sessions are BILINGUAL - English & Japanese
FOE-K: FIBER OPTICS EXPO Keynote Session ticket(s)
FOE-1 ticket(s) FOE-5 ticket(s) FOE-7 ticket(s)
FOE-9 ticket(s) FOE-10 ticket(s)    

Laser & Applications Expo  * All Sessions are BILINGUAL - English & Japanese
Laser-K: Laser & Applications Expo Expo Keynote Session ticket(s)
Laser-2 ticket(s) Laser-3 ticket(s) Laser-4 ticket(s)
Laser-6 ticket(s)        

Communications & Broadcasting Week  * BILINGUAL - English & Japanese
CBW-SK:Special Keynote Session (FREE)

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